Visiting Brussels With Your Kids? – Do These 20 Things

You are bringing the whole crew? That’s wonderful!

Did you know that Brussels is like a home for every family?  And especially with little kids.  Just tell them that you will visit the place where the Smurfs and Tintin were born. I bet they will want to pack their bags on the spot! Plus, Brussels is the land of chocolate. Who wouldn’t want to come here?  This place can be like a huge playground for kids but also very entertaining for the parents, with many child-friendly museums, sights and all-day activities: from the zoo to the amusement parks. It’s a win-win for everyone.

And now, you can start exploring Brussels right after you land. Everything is taken care of with us and you can start going through the list without any worries or sweat.

Yes, the list! I almost forgot. You need to know what to do in Brussels. There is time for everything, but I prepared 25 things for you to do as soon as you land here.

What to visit:

1. Manneken Pis Costumes at the Brussels City Museum


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Manneken Pis is the most famous statue in Brussels. It’s quite a tradition to visit it. It’s a 700-year-old fountain that will give you and your kids a good laugh. After you see this statue, continue to the top floor of the Brussels City Museum to learn everything about it.

2. A Chocolate Factory Tour

chocolate factory

Heaven for your kids. And for you, of course. You haven’t really visited Brussels if you didn’t visit a chocolate factory. Go on a family tour at Le Chocolatier Manon, one of the most prestigious chocolatiers at the world.  However, make sure you book tickets in advance. It’s very popular and you will find it hard to get tickets.

3. The Comic Strip Center


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Belgians are comics’ lovers. They played a huge role into developing the comics’ culture around the world. I already mentioned before that The Smurfs and Tintin were created in Belgium. Among these, there are others strips that made the Belgian Comics History really famous.

4. The Grand Place


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No place like the UNESCO World Heritage Site. The heart of the city and a perfect picture of the architecture in the 17th century. Visit it by night if you can. The sight is amazing.

5. Museum of Musical Instruments


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The collection of musical instruments you will see here are from all around the world, different periods, different styles…  Lots of interactive exhibits will keep you and your family entertained during the tour.

6. Autoworld


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If you and your kids love cars, then this is a must. You’ll get the feeling like you are back in history.  Your kids will get a special insight into the development of the first cars. There are even some vehicles that were made back in the 19th century.

7. Museum of Natural Sciences

natural sciences

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Or like I love to call it: the home of the dinosaurs. You want to see where the dinosaurs live now!  Yes, you do!

8. Bois de la Cambre


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Everywhere you go in Brussels you will see plenty of green spaces around you.  But the Bois de la Cambre, located at the end of Avenue Louise is the largest and possibly the most iconic.  It’s a public park where you can rest, enjoy a good waffle, or join one of the many events that often take place in the park.

9. Mini Europe

mini europe

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There are over 300 tiny models of European sites in there. You will have a great time with all those interactive games and hands-on experiences.

But you read this far?  So here is a friendly advice: Make sure you buy a “Brussels Card” to get one-price access to museums, unlimited transportation and discounts at many restaurants.

10. Oceade


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Tired of museums and exhibits?  How about some fun time in the water? Your kids will love it.  This aqua-fun-house is full with indoor and outdoor water slides, but don’t worry: The people who built it thought about you, as well. You can enjoy the “madness” with your kids.

11. The Toy Museum

toy museum

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Just mention toys and your kids will take you in front of it in no time!  It’s a very nice and entertaining place.

12. Atomium


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Considered to be the symbol not only of Brussels but also of Belgium. It’s an atom-shaped structure built for the 1958 World’s Fair.  It holds many exhibition spaces where you can find and learn various things from science to art.

OK, enough for the culture. Here’s the other part of the story.

What to eat:

13. Chocolate

belgian chocolate

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The most famous chocolate in the world comes from Belgium. Visiting Brussels and not tasting the chocolate from Wittamer or created by Laurent Gerbaud is like you’ve never been there. Laurent is the Willy Wonka of chocolates.

14. Waffles

tourist waffles

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There are two main styles of waffles in Belgium: Liege and Brussels.  Fortunately, you’ll have the opportunity to taste them both as all street vendors sell them.  Personnally?  Well of course I prefer the Brussels waffle!

15. Belgian fries


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Everyone can tell you where to find the best Belgian fries and they are found everywhere in Brussels. Literally.  Other cities have coffee shops… but in Brussels you can find a “friterie” on nearly every corner!

16. Beer

belg biers

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You grown-ups, you have to try the finest beers in Belgium. Belgians are known at the top of the beer makers. It’s part of the culture and daily life.

17. Taverne du Passage


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If you are looking a place to eat, this bistro is very elegant and the oldest covered arcades in Europe. It’s easy to find and has some delicious traditional meals ever.

18. “Mmmmh”

mmmh brussels

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It’s a school, actually! You will get a hands-on cooking lesson for your family and the Chef will teach you a few Belgian specialties.  It’s really fun.

1 day-travel Trips:

If you have a bit more time, you can make a visit to these 2 very near cities…

19. Bruges


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A one-hour train trip from Brussels. Then take a boat ride across the city to enjoy its beauty.

20. Ghent


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A university town where your teenagers could end up going to college, why not?  The city offers a a mix of vintage boutiques and record shops, and it is only 35-minutes from Brussels by train!

Over to you now…

You are now ready to take on Brussels, but traveling with the family can be overwelming. That’s why we’ve created Leave The Bags.  We want you to make sure that you enjoy these moments and that you let us take care for your luggage.

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