Smart luggage roundup

Travelling smart is not only about using the right tricks and planning well.  Having the right equipment plays a big role.  But in today’s world, what is a smart piece of luggage?  Here’s our own roundup of some of the newest options out there.


Bluesmart carry-onAfter a successful campaign on indiegogo, they started deliveries.  What does Bluesmart feature?  A lot! A sleek design, a battery to recharge your devices; a location tracker, accessible from your phone; A remote lock, also phone-controlled; A scale, yes, serious; An app with some extras.  It all looks quite nice though pricey.  Downsides?  In my humble opinion, an “emitting” self-powered suitcase might raise questions in these securitarian times.  Of course, experience only will tell how solid it actually is!  You have one?  Let us know how it’s like!

G-RO by Shalgi Design Studio

G-RO-Revolutionary-Carry-On-Luggage-02Possibly geekier than Bluesmart. And they raised close to 4 millions on indiegogo. Talk about high expectations! They offer several identical features but some are optional like the location tracker… differentiating idea? There’s a bonus tablet stand! And also a terrific design with special wheels.  However, it lacks the scale and phone-controlled features and it is, too, quite pricey if you want all the features.  Unfortunately, it might only be available late this year. Patience!


trunksterAnother suitcase packed with great ideas: scale, GPS, USB charger… But the real innovation here is that zipperless design. Stunning! Omnidirectional wheels and sturdy materials complete the offer. And it all comes for a very tantalizing price… Mmmh, I am already wondering how I could make a choice between these 3… and this article is not over!

Andiamo iQ

AndiamoIQWoooh! Global wi-fi hotspot? They have the “basics”: GPS, check; scale, check; good design, check; usb charger, check! And on top they added a wi-fi hotspot!  OK, it does not come with a global subscription service (should it?), you still need to buy a sim card locally. But it still is a great feature in my opinion!

Planet Traveler SpaceCase

Could this be it? THE ultimate carry-on suitcase? Scale, charger, GPS… Mundane by now.  Fingerprint lock, proximity sensor… aha! Bluetooth speakerphone, nice.  Anything else?  A personal concierge! An app that gathers your trip details and related services such as hotels, cars.  Nice but other apps do that.  10 years global warranty?  Really serious stuff.  Take a picture of the damage and they ship the spare parts. They claim to be using a modular design that only needs a screwdriver… Clever!


fuguFewer gimmicks perhaps, but high-tech nevertheless, and certainly smart! Fugu expands and even has shelves!  Should they mix their great idea with some of the gadgets already presented here?  I’d love to see that.  A USB charger for sure and perhaps a scale too.


5_ShelfPack2On the same line, but this is not a carry-on.  Really, I love these designs.  How many times haven’t we been in a hotel room complaining about the lack of storage? Not a concern anymore!

My ideal luggage?

It is not having to walk around with any luggage of course! Come over to Brussels to enjoy it too!

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