19 Helpful Space-Saving Tactics for Packing Your Bags

Traveling is awesome.  But there is one thing though that I really don’t like… Packing!

That’s the only thing I still have to do myself. I have someone who will take care of my luggage when I go to the airport and to the hotel, so packing is the last issue.  It’s just not enough space. I would take my whole closet if I could, but that’s just not practical.  So that every time I travel, there is that feeling that I forgot something! You know how it goes…  First you pack all the things, then you have to leave something out. There is not enough room!

Sometimes, I was quite desperate but then a friend said something to me. “There are some tricks when packing!  Why don’t you try some?”  After some thorough research, here is me sharing a best of the tricks I learned. They will definitely save space and smoothen the whole exercise!  No exclusive content here, but these actually work.

Keep your dirty shoes away from your clean clothes by putting them into a bag… does work with a shower cap too and the picture is nicer


Keep your jewelry sorted with a medication (or pill) organizer


Fold your shirts the military way for more efficient packing


Turn old cases into storage for chargers


Protect all breakables into your socks


Replace the folding with rolling

Put in socks and products inside your shoes


Save your life: string your necklace through a straw


Save your clothes: Add a plastic-wrap on your bottles

Stack the bras on top of each other

Turn your blazer inside out to avoid wrinkles


Protect your razor blade with a paperclip, unless you did save that cover when you bought your blade


Now, let’s raise the stakes with some serious space and weight savvy tricks

Use empty medicine bottles to store cotton swabs


Use a tic-tac container to store hair pins


Even tougher! The hard-core options

Fill straws with skin-care products for extra space saving


Or use a spare case for lenses


Or repurpose empty pill bottles!

Everything is easy now…you just follow the guide and that’s it.

The best part?

Your bags can wait you in your hotel in Brussels.

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See you there!

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